About Me

I’m just a Happy Llama using my creative toes to design fandom apparel, posters and more.

Technically I’m not really a Llama, I’m a graphic designer and artist from the North-East of England (yes, where Geordies come from and yes I do have a bit of an accent, albeit more Mackem than Geordie but only northerners know the difference).

I’ve been drawing since I was old enough to hold a crayon and as I grew up I started working in design commercially when I was in my late teens. Over the years I’ve branched out into other areas, video editing, animation, games development and more but art has always been one of my favourite fallbacks.

Over the past few years, other than continuing general graphic design and show posters my focus switched to designing for T-shirts and other products so last year I decided to bite the bullet and started posting my designs to a number of printing sites worldwide for which the links are at the foot of this site.

I also started to turn my designs into posters, expanding on the overall canvas to give some framing to the overall design, and now thanks to companies like Displate, my designs are available as totally cool metal plates and also huge posters or wall murals thanks to JP London Design.

I’ve also started working with a number of printers worldwide to be able to offer my designs on even more products which you’ll be able to find in my new online store that I’ve been working on.