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Another Stolen Design

Thanks “Supernatural Fans” facebook group for stealing yet another one of my designs.

Hot on the heels of a mass campaign repeatedly stealing my Scoob design, this one recently turned up on a supposed Fan site thanks to the power of Facebook’s sponsored ads.

It’s bad enough that Facebook have decided to start hiding stuff that I want to see in favour of thrusting paid for adverts that I don’t want to see in my face, especially considering I’ve been a fan of Supernatural since the pilot episode first aired, haven’t missed an episode and quite often come up with new designs for the SPNFamily, I’d consider myself a fan, so why a group claiming to be a group for fans would steal designs from fans and rip other fans off, it’s a sad world. 🙁

Made worse by the fact that Facebook’s response to making a complaint about the post, their page and the fact they’d stolen my design was met with the typical response of simply blocking and ignoring the post, which translated into English means “hey, they’re paying us to show this and we like money, so if you’re not happy then just pretend it’s not there while we continue to show everyone where they can steal your work from.”

The design Dean’s holding in this photo is available from TeePublic, RedBubble, NeatoShop, Displate as well as Imaginative Ink and will be coming soon to CloudCity7, DBH and a relatively little known ecommerce store known as Amazon.